Upholstery Fabric Is Great For Soft Furnishings Too


Upholstery fabric isn’t just for reupholstering sofas and chairs, you can actually use it for making a variety of soft furnishings for your home too. You could make your very own cushion covers, throws, tableware and even attempt some more creative ideas, such as bean cubes, pouffes or wall art.

Upholstery fabric is designed with wear and durability in mind, so it’s absolutely perfect for soft furnishings such as bean cubes and pouffes.

End of line or clearance upholstery fabric

This a very economical way of getting excellent quality and unique designs at a hugely discounted price. The large upholstery retailers will ask their designers to put together fabric designs, often for the coming seasons. Spring, Summer Autumn and finally Winter. Once completed, these designs are then manufactured in small quantities to showcase the final designs. The chosen designs will appear in their stores on a variety of upholstered pieces. The rejected designs, along with unused stock will then be placed aside and sold to various companies that specialise in reselling these fabrics. All of this rejected designer upholstery fabrics are well made and of the same quality as the ones that are accepted. They are often rejected for the most minuscule of reasons, none of which ever relate to the quality of the material. Like clearance designer upholstery fabrics, these designs are in short supply and will not be available again. Unlike the clearance designs however, these are far more unique and limited as they will never have been used by the retailer.

heavy-chenille-cushionSo how do you get a hold of these fabrics?

Well, one of the easiest methods is to purchase it online. Look for online stores that offer a sample service (preferably free) so you can sample each fabric. It’s too difficult to judge a fabric off a photo. You can try Ebay for fabrics but there are also other online stores you can try such as Selby Soft Furnishings.

Another point to keep in mind is that fabrics treated with a flame retardant back-coat will often be thicker and far less supple than those without it. Some fabrics will be inherently flame retarded, which means the FR treatment is in the actual fabric itself, rather than added afterwards. Be sure to look out for these.

Upholstery fabric is generally woven. Chenille and Jacquard are quite common and many fabrics will have a combination of Jacquard and Chenille elements. These two weaves aren’t always suitable for machine washing, so when in doubt, contact the retailer.

So go on, make some unique scatter cushions or even a bean cube or two from designer upholstery fabric today.

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