There’s More to Interior Design than Colour

Are you planning to refurbish your old house or decorate your new house? You should give more attention to the interior design than the colour of walls. Those days are gone when you could have boasted of a wonderful house with pretty shades of colours and sparse furnishings. Interior decoration in today’s times is not limited only to the shades on the wall but also to the furnishings all round the house from furniture to pillow covers and the tapestries hanging on the wall. The colour on the walls undoubtedly renders a character to your rooms but it is not enough to complete the interior design.

Ideas on interior designing

  • Come out of the colour code: The best way to revamp your house is by coming out of the colour code so that it does not look monotonous. You can play with colours when it comes to the soft furnishings in your house like cushion covers, carpets, curtains, etc. You do not have to mix and match the colours of the soft furnishings rather than soft furnishings should complement with the furniture in your rooms.
  • Less is more: Interior decoration does not means that you will have to stuff all the rooms of your house with furniture, upholsteries, soft furnishings and other show pieces. You can go but the formula of less is more by keeping the decoration to minimal but not sparse. You do not need to cover all the walls of room with paintings, wall hangings or tapestries; you just need to synchronize it with the room.
  • Complement the furnishings: If the furniture in a particular room is more then try not to over-stuff it with detailed use of soft furnishings or other decorative items so that the room looks more spacious. If the furniture in house is sparse, you can use more detailed soft furnishings, adorn the walls with tapestries and paintings, and fill up the racks with decorative items to make the room look more compact but airy.
  • Flower power: Little large flower vases can add a pretty element in your house. You can make use of real flowers or artificial flowers to adorn the living room or the bedrooms. A flower vase at the corner of a room can attract the attention and will make even the nooks and corners of your house beautiful. You can also opt for the floral designs in the soft furnishings to add a refreshing element.
  • Go green: You do not have to paint your house green or in shades of green. You can opt for the indoor plants to ornate the alleys, the balcony or the living room of your house. A little indoor plant in the window of your kitchen will give it a refreshing look.

To conclude

These ideas on interior designing will give you a concise and clear idea about how you can use the furnishings and revamp your house by thinking beyond the shades of colours.

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