How to Pick the Perfect Curtain Fabric

People use curtains for a variety of reasons. To add privacy to their home, as a decorative accent, even to keep out the sun and heat. Since blinds can have a very bland look you can completely make over a room with the addition of a few well placed curtains. Picking out the curtain fabric can seem like an overwhelming choice to make but it does not have to be so difficult.

The Best Fabric for Curtains

There is no one perfect fabric for all curtains. Almost any fabric available can be used as long as the function of a curtain is fulfilled. You can use lace for a lighter more delicate look for your curtains. For darker looks you can choose jacquard, which is a very thick fabric. Some fabrics are transparent, perfect for letting the sun into a room. While others are extremely opaque which are great when privacy is what you are looking for. In order to pick the best fabric for you, you will need to take a few things into consideration. Like taking a look at the placement of the window. Deciding what function you want the curtain to perform. Then determining which fabric will perform that function the best.

The Perfect Curtain Fabrics for Different Rooms

If you pick curtains that don’t fit the room they are placed in they can end up looking out of place and throwing the entire look of the room off. For rooms that get a lot of sun curtains that let the sun in while still providing privacy are the best options. They should be light and airy like lace as well as sheer. For rooms that are meant to be dark a heavy curtain should be used that resists letting light in. If you want to let in what little bit of light reaches that room you can use a thinner fabric. If you are buying curtain fabric for your bedroom the most common used fabric is blackout fabric. This provides the most privacy to the rooms’ occupants.

It is not very hard to pick the perfect curtain fabric for your home. If you pick out your curtains and get home and find that they are not long enough or clash with your room décor don’t worry. Remember that you can easily go out and change them. With endless colours, patterns and styles there is a wide variety of fabrics suitable for every need.

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