Should You Consider Blinds or Curtains for Dressing up Your Windows

contemporary-curtainsFor the purpose of dressing up your windows, the people have enormous choices. The huge such range in the style, design and types makes the selection process too difficult. The two different types of option for the dressing up of your windows are the curtains and the blinds. Both are popular and both have their own specific pros and cons. However, curtains are more desirable for a number of reasons that we will explore in this guide. Your instinct is important in this regard and you must trust that for making this critical condition.

The Medical Reasons

The blinds or curtain selection is also dependent over the health reasons. There are a lot of people that are not much concerned with the health aspects while considering the dressing for their windows. Asthma is a very common problem all across Europe. It has been observed through different tests that the wooden ventilation blinds covering up over the windows are not that good for such patients. The blinds catch a lot of dust, which can be unhygienic and troublesome for the asthmatic patients as well. The blinds for this and several other aesthetic types of reasons demand extensive cleaning of the blinds which is usually required almost every day. On the other side, the curtains in this regard are a very safe choice. There are different materials of curtains available and all are not that much magnetic to dust. Further, the cleaning washing of the curtain is also very easy. All kinds of curtain upholstery fabric can be easily dry cleaned at home even. The airy and light upholstery fabric curtains are highly desirable, especially for asthmatic patients at home.

The Purpose of using Blinds or Curtains

roman-blinds-mainThe purpose of using the blinds and curtains is a very important consideration. The blinds, despite all its cons can only be used in the bedroom where people want to have some sound sleep. They do not have much relevance in your living room or dining room. The kitchen also is not a place to use blinds. The curtains on the other hand, are versatile in all types of settings. The curtains are the only option for the kitchen window as people demand excessive sunlight in their kitchen most of the time. The blinds, on the other hand, are a very rigid option as they don’t allow the maximum available sunlight to penetrate only otherwise the blinds are fully rolled up.

The Decorative Angle

For decorative purposes, the curtains are a much more flexible option as compared with the blinds as the latter doesn’t have much to do with the styles and designs. The curtains are versatile and you can opt to choose different types of materials of the upholstery fabric along with numerous distinct design and patterns. The colour flexibility is also there as you can use different colours and their combinations along with different colour tones to make your home look more appealing and attractive.

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